Through the washing machine

I now know what it feels like to be that dirty shirt going through the washing machine…

Patrick had the money shot all lined up... Photo: Patrick Lawrence

I think this is the exact moment my ski came off... Photo: Patrick Lawrence

Going through the spin cycle... Photo: Patrick Lawrence

And finally the rinse cycle... Photo: Patrick Lawrence

Recovered my ski, then went through the dryer to get to the bottom... Photo: Patrick Lawrence

Ghetto Promo Vid

So as some of my friends may know I am sort of half-ass looking for spansers next winter so I can compete in the complete Freeskiing World Tour. I don’t think I will be able to afford the whole thing without finding a few spansers. So like the million other skiers out there who are trying to do the same here is my first entry. Sorry the footage sucks, I had to mostly steal it from youtube posts because I can never get the original footage myself. Thanks to Newman with Bonfire Films for shooting the bulk of the footage. Enjoy!

Bridger Gully Freeride bail

Competed in the 2009 Bridger Gully freeride this last weekend and unfortunately I crashed. Here is a low quality video of the crash, if I get around to it I’ll try and get a higher quality vid. On a better note, I have a spot in the North American Freeskiing Championship in Kirkwood, California in March. I’m starting to enjoy these competition things and may try and do more in the next few seasons.