EuroTrash 2010 – Update One

I am currently sitting in a campground bathroom internetting, because it is the only place I get service. But after an adventurous 2 days of traveling that included; strip searches, angry customs, packed trains, and lugging 90 lbs of gear through the streets of Paris and a nice 3 mile walk in the snow and dark we finally made it to our campground in Chamonix. We just wrapped up our first day of skiing at Brevent and boy oh boy was it fun, especially since hardly anyone skis the good snow. Our campsite is super dope and right at the base of Mont Blanc, depending on conditions, and what not, we may try and ski the White Mountain if we get a good weather and stability window. But in the meantime we’re just enjoying the skiing.

Gare de Lyon in Paris, we walked around this place like a hundred times, and kept getting lost

Dijon mustard in the birthplace of mustard, Dijon France. (This is here to keep up with Lou Dawson's posts about Eurotrash Food)

Our mega-awesome campground

The Aiguille-du-Midi from Chamonix

This picture was taken from my sleeping bag in our tent, it's the Aiguille-du-Midi

The tram at Brevent, it takes you to some super easy access, big mountain lines, that no one else bothers to ski

Mont Blanc from Brevent, if we get a window we may try and give it a ski.

Steve Gilson drops in towards Chamonix, after a long day at Brevent.