Ski Dayz

Ski Days 10-11
Day #6 – Monarch Ski Area
December 1, 2010
Finally made it up to my stomping grounds this season, only about 50% open, but they dropped the rope on Pano Ridge which allowed for some sweet untracked.

Day #5 – Fremont Pass
November 27, 2010
Met up with Jon and his front range crew, made some laps in glades before making a big climb in the afternoon. OK coverage but not as good as the Anthracites.

Day #4 – Anthracites
November 26, 2010
Went out for a full day with Ashley, made 3 laps skiing great powder with the best coverage yet this season.

Day #3 – Kebler Pass
November 25, 2010
Went out for a really short Thanksgiving tour with Ashley but had some good turns.

Day #2 – Baldy Mountain/Schofield Pass area
November 20, 2010
Went out with Ben and Andy to get my ass whooped skinning. Had some good turns but sketchy snow kept us conservative.

Day #1 – Slate Creek Valley
November 6, 2010
First day of the season back in Colorado. Forgot my skins so I booted 2000′ to get the first turns of the season.

Ski Days 09-10
Day #59 – Independence Pass
June 5, 2010
Met up with Jon after moving to CO. Really windy so just cranked out one quick lap, then watched the World Cup in Aspen.

Day #58 – Beartooth Pass
May 31, 2010
Finally open the pass, try and make some turns with Sarah, but it wan’t really happening.

Day #57 – Beartooth Pass
May 29, 2010
Memorial day classic… too bad the weather didn’t work out, but got some skiing on Rock Creek and Gardiner Headwall before they closed The Pass.

Day #56 – Mt. Blackmore
May 24, 2010
Skied the classic in the fog one last time before I leave Bozeman. 6″ of heavy powder provided for some fun skiing.

Day #55 – Mission Creek
May 16, 2010
Survival skied the “Prison Shower” and a little bit of corn, a nice chill spring tour.

Day #54 – Mt. Ellis
May 1, 2010
Did two laps on the Ellis saddle, fun spring pow conditions with the sun shining one minute, and it dumping snow the next.

Day #53 – Bridger Bowl
April 29, 2010
Dawn patrol to 2 feet of early morning pow. Yeah Montana spring time!

Day #52 – Mt. Ellis
April 7, 2010
After almost 3 weeks off, due to traveling and no snow in Europe, finally got some turns in Stateside. Dawn patrol with Patrick, surprisingly good snow and nice to be back on the skis.

Day #51 – Kitzbuhel
March 17, 2010
Sun came out, and baked all the snow, pretty mellow skiing manky snow and drinking beer for St. Paddy’s day.

Day #50 – Kitzbuhel
March 16, 2010
Timed our trip to Kitzbuhel perfect, woke up to the biggest storm of the year and there is tree skiing here. So skied blower pow in the trees for the first time since coming to Europe.

Day #49 – Lizum
March 14, 2010
First day skiing in Austria, caught the wrong bus, but ended up at a cool resort with sweet terrain, too bad Austria is having a tough winter snow wise. Early season conditions.

Day #48 – Meiringen
March 12, 2010
Finally went blue, a couple cms of snow and amazing views and good tour guides led to a really fun day.

Day #47 – Meiringen
March 10, 2010
Met up with Leif and Katie, really high inversion, so skiing was sort of marginal, but still good.

Day #46 – Chappelsiberg
March 8, 2010
After such a great day, we returned to explore, skied a wind hammered ridge, but found a nice long face with some really good snow, plus we had some amazing views.

Day #45 – Chappelsiberg
March 7, 2010
Steffy and Matthias took us to their local ski hill, a tiny 4 person tram and endless touring, not to mention 30-45 cms of blower.

Day #44 – Disentis
March 3, 2010
Grey bird, hangover, skied with Henrik Harlauts brother for a couple laps, and skied a super long run top to bottom, but otherwise pretty marginal.

Day #43 – Disentis
March 2, 2010
Went back to Disentis to stay a couple nights at a Sweedish hostel. Cased a pretty large cliff hard, then skinned up to a fun chute we had lined up the week before.

Day #42 – Andermatt
March 1, 2010
One last day at Andermatt, lapped the “traverse of doom” for most of the day and skied a pretty gnarly line.

Day #41 – Disentis
February 26, 2010
Woke up to dumping snow, headed to Disentis where we heard there was tree skiing, the trees were no good but it cleared up and we had some awesome skiing up high, above treeline.

Day #40 – Andermatt
February 25, 2010
Day 2 in Switzerland, mostly socked in, which makes it tough in an all alpine environment, but still managed to ski good snow and have a ton fun, even if we couldn’t see anything.

Day #39 – Andermatt
February 24, 2010
Rain in Chamonix, so headed to Switzerland, where we found good cliffs, sunny skies and soft snow.

Day #38 – Brevent/Chamonix
February 21, 2010
Day two in the old country, a couple close calls with avalanches, but otherwise it’s awesome over here.

Day #37 – Brevent/Chamonix
February 20, 2010
First day skiing in Europe and it was everything I hoped for, jumped off some cliffs, skied some pow and saw ultra huge mountains.

Day #36 – Mt. Ellis
February 6, 2010
Hit up Ellis for a nice pow run with Geiger, Shawtann and my Brother. It was Zack’s b-day and conditions were perfect.

Day #35 – Mission Creek
February 3, 2010
Climbed the last mountain in the drainage, had a bit of a fall but otherwise epic snow. 30 miles and 20k feet of vert in the last few days has me wiped.

Day #34 – Mission Creek
February 2, 2010
Summitted peak number two in the zone. Got caught in a late afternoon front near the top, but managed to summit and ski out in a clearing so we had decent light.

Day #33 – Mission Creek/Elephant Head Mtn.
January 31, 2010
Oh boy! Found a super sick easy access zone near Livingston. Hit up the easiest of a group of 3 mountains. I will return soon.

Day #32 – South of Mt. Ellis
January 28, 2010
Solo tour up to check out some cliffs and pillows, still a little too shallow to hit anything but if for some reason it nukes soon it would be fun to hit.

Day #31 – Mt. Ellis
January 24, 2010
Finally a blower pow day, skied a couple laps of cold smoke snorkle skiing. Also whipped my ass a bit going with Patrick.

Day #30 – History Rock
January 23, 2010
Late start with Geiger and Rob, had some ok skiing in a different area.

Day #29 – Bridger Bowl
January 22, 2010
Another $15 day at Bridger. Hit it up with Rob and Geiger. Pretty good skiing and had some fun in Slushman’s.

Day #28 – Bridger Bowl
January 15, 2010
$15 day at Bridger. Not having a pass this year means finding all the deals I can. Cruised up with Ryan, and immediately almost ended my season on a rock. Shred fest the rest of the day and sent some other biggish airs in pretty marginal conditions.

Day #27 – Mount Ellis
January 13, 2010
Still waiting for some substantial snow to fall. Everything is pretty thin and manky. Cruised up on a short tour with Steve Gilson and found a few good turns before hitting spring like slush conditions at lower evlevations.

Day #26 – Moonlight Basin
January 8, 2010
$20 day at Moonlight. Hit really good snow and even sent some air in the Headwaters. I miss Moonlight, I forgot how much fun that mountain can be.

Day #25 – Bridger Bowl
January 7, 2010
After some rest days, made it back to Bozeman, and met up with Jake Taufer and his girlfriend to ski Bridger. Cold but beautiful day with some good turns on the Apron and most surprisingly, Bronco Face.

Day #24 – Aspen Mountain
January 3, 2010
Last ski in Colorado, but it was a dandy. Skied powder laps in Pandora’s and Powerline. This day reaffirmed my love for the Roaring Fork Valley. Three days after a storm and still able to find blower powder.

Day #23 – Aspen Mountain
January 2, 2010
Finishing my days I have on my 5 day Aspen Pass. Went and skied ok snow at Aspen Mountain. Fun to cruise with some good friends despite ok conditions.

Day #22 – Aspen Highlands
December 31, 2009
Went and skied with my brother Jon for his last day in town. Lapped The Bowl a couple of times and ran into Jesse Amory and spent the afternoon skiing with him and my brother.

Day #21 – Taggert/Green-Wilson
December 30, 2009
Last day of the hut trip. Went and lapped the classic trees and pillows of olden days. Another great trip, we could’ve used a bit more snow but it was still great to ski with all my good friends.

Day #20 – Taggert/Green-Wilson Huts
December 29, 2009
Day two of the hut trip, went and explored some new zones. The lack of snow kept us away from the usual cliffs and gnar we like to get into. But really good powder skiing and some fun new zones were found.

Day #19 – Taggert/Green-Wilson Huts
December 28, 2009
Reilly towed us in with his sled which was clutch in saving my legs. Busted out a quick evening tour. Not as much snow as previous years but as always a really good crew.

Day #18 – Silverton Mountain
December 27, 2009
It was so good the day before we came back for another round. Rope dee was skiing amazingly and I landed my first backflip in a couple seasons. It was a great day to shred with my family.

Day #17 – Silverton Mountain
December 26, 2009
Skied Silverton with both my bros and pops. Silverton is always a great time and we found some awesome snow.

Day #16 – Aspen Mountain
December 24, 2009
A fun christmas eve spent skiing pretty good snow on Aspen Mountain. Met up with the Aspen shredders and tore the mountain apart with the best skiers in town.

Day #15 – Marble
December 22, 2009
Finally made it up to Marble with Reilly for a great day of pow shredding. Tweaked my ankle in a weird fall but it should be ok. Lots of old avalanche crowns to look at, but the snowpack wasn’t bad overall.

Day # 14 – Williams Peak
December 21, 2009
Cruised up with the family again, it’s fun to see my parents get into ski touring… Skied a couple of quick laps with Jon.

Day #13 – Williams Peak
December 20, 2009
After being on the road for a couple days, made it back to Colorado with ants in my pants to keep skiing powder. Busted up Willy’s with the family, then waited and met up wit Reilly for some fun. Threw a 3 off a pillow and overrotated into a tree. But still had a blast!

Day #12 – Alta Ski Area
December 19, 2009
Met up with Max Ben-Hamoo in Sandy, he scored me an Alta ticket and had my first real day of lift served. Supreme and Glory Hole both opened giving us a few really good runs.

Day #11 – Glory Peak
December 18, 2009
Met up with Patty O and Zack Mcugh(sp), to ski up Teton Pass. Pat forgot his skins so we made the 1500′ vert trudge up Glory to ski thin snow

Day #10 – Fairy Lake
December 12, 2009
Finished grad school yesterday so I went for a little sled ski in the Bridgers. High avi danger kept us away from the bigger stuff and even the trees were a little scary. Oh well…. what a slow start to the season

Day #9 – Bridger Bowl
December 6, 2009
Spent a day riding chairlifts at Bridger. Balls cold (-10 F) so kinda not fun in that regard. First lift accessed day and I felt it in my quads.

Day #8 – Flanders Creek?/Hyalite
December 5, 2009
After a long hiatus for thanksgiving and completing my master’s degree, Steve G and I went exploring up Hyalite. Not really much skiing or anything but it was nice to be in the hills.

Day #7- The Ramp
November 21, 2009
Another day on the Ramp with Steve G and my bro, Zack. Sessioned two laps pretty hard and got a little radical with some airs.

Day #6 – The Ramp
November 19, 2009
Quick lap up the Ramp with Pat Tenney. Way more snow than I was expecting and really good skiing.

Day #5 – Crazy Mountains
November 14, 2009
Tried to get to the zones I hit up last year. Unplowed roads and getting lost on the way in led to a short mellow day in the foothills.

Day #4 – Hyalite Canyon
November 13, 2009
Recon mission with a big crew up towards Emerald Lake. Lots of terrain farther up the drainage, as well as some fun pillows closer to the trailhead.

Day #3 – North Bridgers
November 12, 2009
Major dumpage in Bozeman, headed into the bridgers for an afternoon run. Not as much snow as expected but still pretty good skiing.

Day #2 – Bridger Bowl
October 28, 2009
Another early storm dropped over a foot in the Bridger’s. Went and had a night shoot with Steve G, and Zack.

Day #1 – Bradley’s Meadow
October 10, 2009
Oh it is back on! Fairly mellow day skiing nice blower pow on the safety of grassy slopes. It feels like January in Bozeman this weekend so skiing kinda makes sense.

Ski Days 08-09
Day #80 – Beartooth Pass
May 24, 2009
Really? 80 days? Spent it skiing the steeps up on Gardiner Headwall. A great way to wrap the season up, skiing with all my ski buddies from earlier in the season. Only a couple more classics I want to ski still, The Great One, The Blaze and maybe The Lazer. But I’ll pace them out to try and get the 12 month thing again.

Day #79 – Beartooth Pass
May 23, 2009
Returned for the classic Memorial Day festivities and actually skied rather than partied this year. Got extreme dropping 15-20 foot cornice and 20-30 foot cliff. I also watched someone ragdoll the entire face after airing the same cornice I had hit earlier that day. I better tone it down 😉

Day #78 – Black Mountain – North Face
May 17, 2009
Ryan and I went back and tried the line Naxo denied me on last year. Made it just about halfway but we were forced to turn around due to rotten snow conditions. Another attempt next year?

Day #77 – The Hanging Garden
May 2, 2009
Steve-O and I hit up the Hanging Garden on Beehive Peak. Fun to get into some sketch and exposure and ski a line I’ve been looking at for a while.

Day #76 – Gallatin Peak
April 19, 2009
Rob and I climbed and skied Gallatin Peak in just north of Big Sky. Great corn skiing and a fun day in the hills.

Day #75 – Bridger
April 16, 2009
Even though Bridger closed on Monday, it snowed nearly 2 feet the two days after the mountain closed. I headed up with some friends to slay some of the new snow.

Day #74 – Bridger
April 13, 2009
Sadly closing day at Bridger, it is the end of the season and now it’s time to get after the big peaks.

Day #73 – Big Sky
April 12, 2009
Closing day at Big Sky, got a tram lap in, then lapped Andesite cruisers and park.

Day #72 – Big Sky
April 11, 2009
Went skiing with Reveal and Gold couple quick challenger laps then watched the pond skim and drank beer.

Day #71 – Bridger Bowl
April 10, 2009
More spring skiing at Bridger, bluebird all day and fun cruisin’

Day #70 – Bridger Bowl
April 7, 2009
Went and had some spring skiing with Nick B. enjoyed the sun, the mash potato snow, and mellow vibes. Last week of resort skiing so I need to take advantage of it.

Day #69 – Jackson Hole
April 5, 2009
Closing day at Jackson, took things easy due to hangovers, warm weather, and variable snow. Hit Pucker Face again to get a little extreme, then drank beer and cruised.

Day #68 – Jackson Hole
April 4, 2009
After a week of hucking I was pretty sore heading to J-Hole, but it was closing weekend so I had to rally. Hit Pucker Face and cruised around a bit. A very large posse plus sunny and warm weather kept thing pretty mild but it was nice to get some sun and rest the legs a bit.

Day #67 – Bridger Bowl
April 3, 2009
Today I went off. Pioneered a new line in Mundy’s dropped a 15-20 footer I’ve scoped all season and to top it all off I hit the infamous Angry Chair Cliff. Some claim the cliff to be 60 feet but I would argue more like 40 feet. Still about as large as I’ve gone all season and I have wanted to hit that cliff since I moved to Bozeman so I’m pretty stoked about it.

Day #66 – Bridger Bowl
April 2, 2009
The huckage continues with a nice 30 footer I sent today that I had lined up last week. The snow the last few days has been amazing and is some of the best skiing I’ve had all year. Hopefully it keeps up…

Day #65 – Yellowstone Club
March 31, 2009
Today was EPIC. Reveal hooked up the Warren Miller connection to get on the private ski area. Not only did I meet the legendary Warren Miller, I commenced to shred the rich person’s playground harder than it probably has ever been shredded. Sent multiple huge hucks and it was probably the biggest day I’ve had this season.

Day #64 – Bridger
March 30, 2009
Cruised up with Ben and Casey to shred some more March pow. Great skiing and I found a few other lines I need to ski.

Day #63 – Bridger
March 26, 2009
More snow and headed back up to Bridger with Reveal. Knocked a lot of lines off the list and got some great shots on Saddle Peak. March is starting to get very good.

Day #62 – Bridger
March 24, 2009
After a day of driving and a day of recovery, headed up to Bridger with PattyO and Davis. Snow was surprisingly good and Pat and Davis were both impressed with Slushmans.

Day #60 – Kirkwood
March 21, 2009
Finals of the FWT. I use Emily Teague’s bib to go up for inspection and ski the permanently closed Cirque. Snow was hard and icy and weather was moving in. I was sort of glad I didn’t qualify because the conditions could not have been worse for a comp. Everyone skied really well and Jacqui got third in the women’s and Sonja got first. Cool experience and I want to try and make the whole tour next year.

Day #59 – Kirkwood
March 20, 2009
Day 1 of the FWT and even though I didn’t qualify I still headed up there to check it out and cheer on my friends who were competing. Cruised around in the morning and popped my knee again pretty bad, chilled and drank beer and watched the comp the rest of the day.

Day #58 – Kirkwood
March 19, 2009
Qualifiers for the comp. Didn’t bother inspecting because I felt good about my line… big mistake. Things iced up really bad and caught me off guard. I ended up wrecking off a small cliff in my first feature. Oh well, freeskiing the rest of the trip.

Day #57 – Kirkwood
March 18, 2009
First day of inspection for the Kirkwood Comp, flashed my line 3 times and felt super confident about the comp the next day.

Day #56 – Carson Pass
March 17, 2009
After a little hiatus for a conference in Baltimore, and a few days of traveling, finally got to Tahoe with Welgos, Nick and Jacqui. Mark, Sonja and I did a quick easy tour up on Carson Pass to get the legs moving after driving all day the day before. California corn and pretty fun to ski.

Day #55 – Bridger
March 9, 2009
Best day of the season thus far. Took Big Sky-philiac Reveal up to Bridger on a blower bluebird day. Skied Saddle Peak a couple times that was reminiscent of Highlands Bowl. Over the head pow, knee felt good and the best companion for a big pow day (i.e. no waiting to film/pictures, just pure shredding).

Day #54 – Bridger
March 5, 2009
Finally a real pow day. 10-20″ and nuking all day. Tweaked my knee pretty bad falling off a small cliff. Gonna have to take a few days off so I’m healed by Kirkwood.

Day #53 – Bridger
March 4, 2009
Did some more filming with Bonfire. Set a bootback up NW Direct and got a few ok shots.

Day #52 – North Bridgers
March 1, 2009
Went sled skiing with Duncan. Good stability+good visibility=some big AK style lines.

Day #51 – Big Sky
February 28, 2009
Went and filmed all day with Bonfire. Skied the upper A-Z’s finally and got a bit of footy. Bluebird and good snow yay!

Day #50 – Bridger
February 27, 2009
Finally snowed! Snow report said 13″ but up on the ridge the BBC was in full effect. Up to 20″ in spots where the wind had blown. Finally a Bridger pow day!

Day #49 – Bridger
February 25, 2009
Another thin icy day at Bridger. But a storm is moving in, hopefully it dumps.

Day #48 – Bridger
February 24, 2009
Another weekday at Bridger.

Day #47 – Crazy Mountains
February 22, 2009
Went into the Crazy’s with Duncan, Rob, Simon and Pedro. Duncan towed us in with his sled and Pedro guided. Amazing terrain and with a sled really easy access. I have a feeling I’ll be back. Almost got caught in a pretty big slide too.

Day #46 – Bridger
February 21, 2009
Competed in the Bridger Gully Freeride, fell really hard off the right side of DRCS (25-30′ cliff) on the first run of the day. Fell again during inspection off the first cliff of my line. On my comp run, stomped the first cliff and the second cliff, but my ski prereleased off the second cliff and I had to bail. Oh well it was a beautiful day and always fun to compete.

Day #45 – Bridger
February 19, 2009
Hit Bridger with Ben and Lily. Prepped for the freeride and hucked some cliffs with Ben. Finally some good snow and fun skiing at Bridger.

Day #44 – Grizzly Gulch
February 16, 2009
More filming with a little less intimidating jump (which I didn’t bother to hit) ended up skiing a line with a 40′ cliff twice. Cased the landing both times, hurt my sternum and called it a day.

Day #43 – Grizzly Gulch
February 15, 2009
Headed up to do some filming with Bonfire Films. Built a massive jump (50-75′ step down) which was fun/scary but overall a good time.

Day #42 – Snowbird
February 14, 2009
Last minute rally and nearly got dumped by my girl. But it was sooooooo… worth it, snowed hard all day and the powder was phenomenal. Met up with Charlie and Dylan randomly and it was fun shredding with the G-wood crew.

Day #41 – Bridger
February 13, 2009
Took Jon and his girl Darcy up to show them the Bridger goods. Fun mellow day and as always fun to ski with the bro.

Day #40 – Bridger
February 12, 2009
Explored all around Slushman’s all day trying to get cliffed out. No such luck but man there is some gnarly, sketchy, terrain out there. It’ll go off with some new snow.

Day #39 – Bridger
February 11, 2009
Hit up Bridger with Geiger, snowed all morning and skiing was softish.

Day #38 – Bridger
February 10, 2009
Went up to Bridger with Evan on his b-day. Ran into Ryan and skied a cool line off Saddle Peak.

Day #37 – Teton Pass
February 8, 2009
Cell phone died so no way to get a hold of anyone, so lapped Edelweiss Bowl a couple times solo. Pretty fun to rip as fast as possible.

Day #36 – Teton Pass
February 7, 2009
Hit the pass up with Pat O, Jon, Max, and Lindsey. Snow was pretty good in some spots other spots not so.

Day #35 – Jackson Hole
February 6, 2009
First day at the resort. Snowed all morning to make things soft for the afternoon but nothing super special. Fun to ski with Jon, Lindsey and Max though.

Day #34 – Mt. Blackmore
February 1, 2009
Summited Blackmore with Simon and Pete. Wind hammered and icy up top but really fun snow down low.

Day #33 – Beehive Basin
January 30, 2009
Hit up Beehive with Steve, Simon and Reilly, to finally ski some pow. A bit heavy but still a lot of fun.

Day #32 – Bridger Bowl
January 28, 2009
Busted up for a quick 3 runs before class, still not soft.

Day #31 – Bridger Bowl
January 27, 2009
Just waiting for snow…

Day #30 – Big Sky
January 25, 2009
After partying hard at the Snow Ball in Big Sky, woke up to a few inches of new snow (finally). Scammed all you can eat breakfast for $4 then went and charged Big Sky with the Bridger Crew.

Day #29 – Big Sky
January 24, 2009
Headed up to Big Sky with Reveal and Wes. Icy, rocky and about as bare as I’ve ever seen Big Sky.

Day #28 – Bridger Bowl
January 22, 2009
More Bridger action

Day #27 – Bridger Bowl
January 19, 2009
Popped Newman and Ben’s cherries on the new Slushman’s lift. Mostly spent the day falling and going fast.

Day #26 – Bridger Bowl
January 18, 2009
Hit Bridger with the Bonfire Crew and had fun penguin sliding and hucking to hardpack.

Day #25 – Hyalite Canyon
January 17, 2009
Went to scout Hyalite with Shawtan. Saw some pretty sick looking lines but deadfall and difficult skinning conditions kept us from reaching them. Skinned up History Rock to salvage the day and ski some variable snow.

Day #24 – Bridger Bowl
January 14, 2009
Poor snow conditions but still rallied with Evan and did more Schlasman’s recon. More and more terrain is up there it seems almost impossible to find everything in a season.

Day #23 – Bridger Bowl
January 13, 2009
Finally caught a few Schlasman’s (should be Slushman’s) chairs and the lift makes Bridger actually worth the time to ski. Lift accessed ridge terrain, should make for a great season.

Day #22 – Bridger Bowl
January 12, 2009
First lift accessed day at Bridger. Tried to catch Schlasman’s but got there too late. Still had fun ripping PK and Deer Park with Pat Lau.

Day#21 – Vail Pass
January 9, 2009
A slow start and interesting and sketchy snowpack led to a short but fun day. Snow was almost too deep to ski but Jon and I both sent 25’+ cliffs.

Day #20 – Ajax
January 8, 2009
Charlie and I rally up to Ajax for some pretty decent Pandora’s laps. Skied untracked pow for what seemed like the 10,000 time already this season. Off to a good start.

Day #19 – Lindley Hut
January 7, 2009
Last day of the hut trip, shred some deep pow before heading out. Once again a great hut trip with great weather and snow.

Day #18 – Lindley Hut
January 6, 2009
Met up with some Fort Collins kids and did some near exploration. Skied some sick pow right out the hut’s door and at the end of the day found some steep and deep pow.

Day #17 – Taggert, Green-Wilson Huts
January 5, 2009
Today was supposed to be the last day of the hut trip but Steve and I decided to tag along to the Lindley hut the next two nights. Skied some fun straightlines and a little cliff up above the huts.

Day #16 – Taggert, Green-Wilson Huts
January 4, 2009
Day 2 of the hut trip, pretty hungover but ready to ski some pow. Check out and ski all the old pillows, then head up to see what’s skiing above treeline.

Day #15 – Taggert, Green-Wilson Huts
January 3, 2009
First day of the hut trip. Immediately checked out the old pillows to find them untracked and shredable.

Day #14 – Snowmass
December 30, 2008
Cruiser day with the Parents. Fun to ski and spend time with them (they did buy my pass after all).

Day #13 – Highlands
December 29, 2008
After spending a few days in Vegas, returned to CO with bluebird conditions and Steve G visiting. Highlands was sick and the bowl was great as usual.

Day #12 – William’s Peak
December 24, 2008
Jon and I built a nice kicker up on Williams, Jon flies into a treewell and I overrate a couple backflips. All in all a good day.

Day #11 – Ajax
December 23, 2008
26″ of fresh goodness on Jon’s b-day. What a sweet present, legs were hammered but it was one of the best days I’ve had on Ajax.

Day #10 – William’s Peak
December 22, 2008
Cruised up William’s with Reilly in the afternoon. A quick lap but plenty of fresh pow.

Day #9 – Teton Pass
December 20, 2008
Heading to CO for the holidays, got some great freshies on Edelweiss. Sketchy snowpack, hopefully it gets better.

Day #8 – Big Sky
December 14, 2008
Some new snow and the tram was opening. Cold as balls but there were freshies and no lift lines.

Day #7 – Big Sky
December  6, 2008
First resort day of the season. Bluebird at Big Sky, chiller day with a good crew.

Day #6 – The Ramp
November 23, 2008
Went out to The Ramp with Pat-O, Steve, and Rob. North facing is good but everything is pretty icy. I hope it snows soon, we need it.

Day #5 – North Bridgers
November 15, 2008
Headed back out to the North Bridgers and this time we headed up No Name Bowl and dropped into Frasier basin. Excellent skiing up high but variable down low. Starting to feel the rhythm.

Day #4 – Bridger Bowl
November 14, 2008
First day at Bridger this year. Evan and I skinned up late in the afternoon for a quick fingers lap. Weird rain crust with a little bit of snow on top (dust on crust), fun to ski and snow is setting up for a nice base.

Day #3 – North Bridgers
November 8, 2008
Went up to check out how Sacajawea bowl was skiing. Rainy down low but up high some snow but otherwise creamy goodness. Fun to make turns in and hit very few rocks.

Day #2 – Tobacco Roots
October 18, 2008
Skinned up behind Potosi Peak in April like slush. Snow from the last week had melted quite a bit and it was sort of like skiing late April. Skiing was marginal but it was nice to be in the hills.

Day #1 – Tobacco Roots
October 12, 2008
Dear God. Rumors were circulating and SNOTEL helped verify that the Tobacco Roots got pounded with nearly 5 feet of snow in 2 days. Evan and I had to go check, and the rumors were true. Skied over the head powder all day, and for a while I thought I had enter a time vortex and it was January again. Great start to the new season!

Ski Days 07-08
Day #82 – The Lazer
August 17, 2008
Got my August day in by skiing suncups so deep I almost rattled loose some fillings. Nice to ski with Evan again and a beautiful day to close out the 07-08 season.

Day #81 – The Great One
July 25, 2008
Skied the summer classic in the Bridgers, soft buttery snow and fun to ski.

Day #80 – Bridger Bowl
June 12, 2008
Two June powder days in a row?!?! I love this global warming stuff 😉

Day #79 – Bridger Bowl
June 11, 2008
12-18″ of heavy pow, slightly slabby but otherwise a blast, I can’t believe I’m skiing pow in JUNE.

Day #78 – Beartooth Pass
May 24, 2008
Awoken at 6am by a snowplow driver, apparently drove to the top of the pass while blackout drunk the night before and parked in a snowbank. Skied Rock Creek headwall as the pass was closed to at the border. Mash potato skiing and we skipped the next 2 days to party instead of ski.

Day #77 – Bridger Bowl
May 22, 2008
4-6″ of about 45% SWE. Pretty fun on the Apron… sorta sucky everywhere else.

Day #76 – Bridger Bowl
April 26, 2008
April snow showers may bring May flowers but this year it also brings plenty of faceshots! Arrived to another 6-8″ in the parking lot this morning. Shralped the virtues and out north with Zack and Evan, FKNA!

Day #75 – Bridger Bowl
April 25, 2008
Ditched school to shred a foot of fresh. Definitely worth it, best April 25th skiing I’ve ever had.

Day #74 – Bridger Bowl
April 20, 2008
Woke up to December style weather- 6 degrees and snowing hard – went up to Bridger to celebrate 420 with Ryan and Steve K. manky ice/death crust one lap on the fingers and that was it. Did find good snow down lower in the PK trees but only about 300′ of it.

Day #73 – Absaroka Mountains, MT
April 19, 2008
3:30am wake up to go attempt a first descent on Mt. Black. Started skiing quarter before 5am or so. On the way in Dave sees 6 wolves about 200′ from us, we try and scare them off then continue the approach. Tough climbing because of a nasty ice crust. About 6 miles in we get to a rock outcropping we have to scramble over, upon clicking out of my binding the heel piece decides to explode. This strands me with 6 miles and 4000′ vert to get back to the car. I one ski/posthole out to the car cursing Naxo bindings the whole day. However, the first descent was scoped and way gnarlier than originally thought, but it’s haunting my dreams and i may have to try again later…

Day #72 – Big Sky/Moonlight
April 13, 2008
Last resort day of the season, let the bc corn begin!

Day #71 – Emigrant Peak
April 12, 2008
Toured in last night to camp at the base of the peak. Climb was somewhat sketchy (poor snow and extreme exposure) but we were kept from the summit due to a huge overhang cornice, skied the southeast couloir from the top though snow was heavy, it’s spring finally

Day #70 – Big Sky
April 8, 2008
More pow, does it ever end?? I sure as hell hope not!

Day #69 – Moonlight Basin
April 6, 2008
1st place, moonlight spring runoff… it must be fluke!

Day #68 – Moonlight Basin
April 5, 2008
Snowed hard all day, good pow and doesn’t feel like april whatsoever…word

Day #67 – Teton Pass
March 31, 2008
Skied January style powder all day, what a weekend!

Day #66 – Jackson Hole
March 30, 2008
Cliff huck special… the best cure for a hangover

Day #65 – Jackson Hole
March 29, 2008
Deep fluffy pow, dropped a 40 footer and other cliffs.

Day #64 – Mt. Blackmore
March 23, 2008
Finally skied the North Face of Blackmore after eying it from town for years. found some nice and deep freshies all the way down. Had to billygoat my way out of a botched air on the way out too, yet another sick day!

Day #63 – Moonlight Basin
March 22, 2008
Blue-est of blue sky deep pow and hit the north summit. In one word… sick

Day #62 – Moonlight Basin
March 21, 2008
Yummy 11″ of powder thrashed my skis but it was worth it

Day #61 – Aspen Highlands
March 17, 2008
Bluebird, G2 untracked and over the head deep

Day #60 – Aspen Mountain
March 14, 2008
15″ and no crowds, this is why I love Ajax

Day #59 – Prospects, San Juan Mountains
March 13, 2008
Deep powder glades, the San Juans rock this year, super stable and everything is filled in.

Day #58 – Red 3, Red Mountain Pass
March 12, 2008
Icy up top, powdery down low not too bad for no new snow in a couple weeks

Day #57 – Redwell Basin, Crested Butte
March 11, 2008
All I need to say is, 1200′ vert in 6 turns

Day #56 – Red Lady, Crested Butte
March 10, 2008
Solo BC day so I kept things simple, skied pow in short steep trees all day.

Day #55 – Jackson Hole
March 8, 2008
First hardpack day at Jackson all season, i guess there’s always a first for everything

Day #54 – Jackson Hole
March 2, 2008
Woke up to bluebird and over a foot of fresh after raging hard the night before, met up with Shawn Tonozzi and commenced to rip the shit out the ‘hole 😉

Day #53 – Teton Pass
SMarch 1, 2008
I don’t think there is anything better than steep glades, a good crew and really deep untracked powder.

Day #52 – Moonlight Basin
February 24, 2008
6 inches fresh+No crowds+headwaters=I know where I’m getting a pass next year

Day #51 – Bridger Bowl
February 23, 2008
Bridger Freeride went down, 4th place… I’ll take it

Day #50 – Mt. Ellis
February 21, 2008
A little full moon skiing to break the 50 day mark

Day #49 – Teton Pass
February 18, 2008
Some of the best turns of the season, if only my legs had been fresh…

Day #48 – Jackson Hole
February 17, 2008
Bluebird, 6″ fresh, Alta 0, Pucker Face, Crags all unbelievably sick

Day #47 – Jackson Hole
February 16, 2008
Snowed all day, Crags were good, alta chutes… muy bueno

Day #46 – Mt. Ellis
February 12, 2008
Skied creamy wet snow, quite fun actually

Day #45 – Big Sky
February 10, 2008
Skied creamy snow, broke my other set of poles after losing one yesterday. I redeemed myself by pocketing a pair of rentals.

Day #44 – Beehive Basin
February 9, 2008
Fun BC booter action all day

Day #43 – Mt. Ellis
February 5, 2008
Nice afternoon tour, iffy snow but at least some skiing

Day #42 – Bradley’s Meadow/Bridger
February 3, 2008
Not much skiing, ate some boomers and laughed in the middle of the woods for hours, good times

Day #41 – Bridger Bowl
February 2, 2008
Nice bluebird day, soft snow+good visibility=hucking

Day #40 – Tabacco Roots
January 27, 2008
Got pooped on by mountain goats, skied a nasty couloir, got hella stuck… see photo for the line.

Day #39 – Slushman’s/Bridger
January 26, 2008
A little morning tour followed by some D-route action

Day #38 – North Bridger BC
January 22, 2008
Got avied out on the big stuff, skied just a little fun chute with some good snow.

Day #37 – Jackson Hole
January 21, 2008
Blue bird and 21″ of snow in the last two days, Crags were EPIC

Day #36 – Jackson Hole
January 20, 2008
Snowed hard all day another 12″ of fresh… I love life.

Day #35 – Jackson Hole
January 19, 2008
10-12″ fresh, no one around

Day #34 – Fernie, BC
January 13, 2008
After an adventure to Rossland, BC to learn that the chairlift at Red Mountain was broken yesterday, we drove the 5-6 hours to Fernie, poor visibility but the mountain is pretty sick.

Day #33 – Whitewater, BC
January 11, 2008
After partying all night another foot of blower

Day #32 – Whitewater, BC
January 10, 2008
Lots of dry fluffy snow, skied powder all day, Nelson is a sick town, and whitewater good skiing.

Day #31 – Whitewater, BC
January 9, 2008
First day of the canada road trip, and things are looking sweet

Day #30 – Green-Wilson Hut/Aspen Backcountry
January 6, 2008
Last day of the hut trip, 2 feet have fallen since yesterday and our tracks are again filled in. Almost died in an avalanche had we not stopped to smoke a j.

Day #29 – Green-Wilson Hut/Aspen Backcountry
January 5, 2008
Started snowing last night, with a hefty 10 inches to get us motivated, all of yesterdays tracks are filled in and we have discovered Mecca.

Day #28 – Green-Wilson Hut/Aspen Backcountry
January 4, 2008
Ahhhh!!! Sick! tons of cliffs and lines within a 10 minute skin from the hut’s front door. Oh yeah and more pow.

Day #27 – Green-Wilson Hut/Aspen Backcountry
January 3, 2008
Day one of the hut trip, things are looking good, lots of pillows 🙂

Day #26 – The Alleys
January 1, 2008
I’m starting to wonder when I will not ski powder, again not a single track to be seen all day

Day #25 – Aspen Mountain
December 31, 2007
They opened Trainors and more pow in Pandora’s all day

Day #24 – Aspen Mountain
December 30, 2007
Pandora’s laps all day! Freshy Pow

Day #23 – Crested Butte
December 29, 2007
2 core shots and a 30 foot faceplant…word

Day #22 – Silverton
December 28, 2007
I can’t even describe this day

Day #21 – Telluride
December 27, 2007
Nutted myself on a tree

Day #20 – The Alleys
December 26, 2007
Knee to chest deep and not a single other track all day

Day #19 – Williams Peak/Sunlight Backcountry
December 25, 2007
a little christmas pow during sundown

Day #18 – Snowmass
December 24, 2007
pillows 2 days in a row??

Day #17 – Vail Pass Backcountry
December 23, 2007

Day #16 – Aspen Highlands
December 22, 2007
another day-o-pow

Day #15 – Williams Peak/Sunlight Backcountry
December 21, 2007
After work special

Day #14 – Crested Butte
December 18, 2007
Rock city!!!!

Day #13 – Sunlight
December 17, 2007

  • sigh*

Day #12 – Willam’s Peak and Sunlight
December 16, 2007
Mellow BC morn and a lame resort day afternoon

Day #11 – Sunlight
December 15, 2007
Large group at night

Day #10 – Sunlight
December 13, 2007
night… again

Day #9 – Sunlight
December 12, 2007
if it’s a snowday can I count it if it’s night?

Day #8 – Aspen Highlands
December 9, 2007
Opening day… word.

Day #7 – Sunlight
December 7, 2007
same old story

Day #6 – Sunlight
December 6, 2007

Day #5 – Sunlight
December 5, 2007
another night?!?!

Day #4 – Crested Butte
December 4, 2007

Day #3 – Sunlight
December 3, 2007
night skiage

Day #2 – Sunlight
December 2, 2007
sunlight :

Day #1 – North Bridger BC
October 13, 2007
First Day!


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  1. Alex says:

    Just stumbled across your blog after searching the web for pics of Leverich so I could show some friends back east how much fun it is. You definitely did the kind of skiing this past year that I hope to get done this upcoming season. Props on hitting Angry Chair among others!

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