Back in action!

Testing how well my knee is healing on a 5.9 at Revenue Flats.

The doctor gave me the good news last week that my patella has healed and now I just need to concentrate on strength and flexibility. I figure besides hitting the gym and physical therapy, I should focus on activities I enjoy doing as part of my rehabilitation routine. I have been fishing mostly, because it is causes the least strain on my knee, but I have also tried some climbing (top rope only) and biking around town.

My fiance, Sarah, fly fishing the Yellowstone River below Emigrant Peak.

I also made it to Yellowstone National Park for an afternoon of spring wildlife viewing. Saw a couple bears, a bison giving birth (pretty gross), as well as your usual assortment of Lamar Valley wildlife.

Prairie goats (aka antelope) in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone National Park.

Mammoth Hot Springs in late afternoon lighting.

Last weekend it was nice to finally get on some rock and test the knee, and as always, cragging with friends is about as good as it gets. Sarah and I camped for a night up at Revenue Flats, west of Norris, and spent some time getting our rock climbing muscles warmed up with some friends.

Bridger Mountains on a short hike in Bozeman.

My older brother Zack, belayed by his wife Sara, on lead at Revenue Flats.

Zack silhouetted while leading a 5.9.

Sarah fitting in with the Revenue Flats locals, lining up her shot with a .38 special.

Eric Newman on his first lead after a 60 foot whipper that broke his foot last autumn.

Myself, slowly working my way up.

Nearing the top, I was able to climb 3 routes each day, a 5.8, 5.9, and two 5.10a’s. Not bad for having a weak, sore knee.