Toboggans, scar tissue, and looking forward

Sorry for the long hiatus from the blog. My life has turned relatively benign since I broke patella, so not much to post about. Last week, Simon sent me some pictures he had taken of my steep toboggan ride in the Whitefish Backcountry in February, and I thought I should share them.

These photos are courtesy of Simon Peterson

Whitefish Nordic Ski Patrol begin the task of extracting me from the Canyon Creek backcountry. Photo: Simon Peterson

These guys worked extra hard to get me out of steep, technical terrain safely. Photo: Simon Peterson

The steep terrain, in addition to lots of powder, required several people to sideslip/step the terrain in front of me. Otherwise we were getting too bogged down in the deep snow, not to mention the lingering fear of an avalanche in the back of my mind. Photo: Simon Peterson

My recovery is going smoothly and my second surgery was successful. They removed an incredible amount of scar tissue which had been restricting a lot of my motion. Pictures from the arthroscope showed tons of scar tissue on my ACL, so that explained why I couldn’t bend my knee past 90 degrees. After removing the scar tissue and wire, which had been holding my kneecap together, I have a much larger range of motion. I am now starting the hard part, recovery. I have been given the green light to begin biking again, but it has been rainy and I am still in the process of getting a road bike (thanks Zack!). So in the meantime I have been forced to exercise inside with my therabands.

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