Summer in Gunnison and the surrounding mountains

Fall is in the air here in Gunnison, and it feels like a good time to go back and look at how I spent my summer in Colorado. Enjoy these photos from around Colorado.

Sarah explores great Great Sand Dunes National Park

San Miguel Peak in the San Juans.

The Elk Mountains from Redwell Basin, near Crested Butte.

The San Juans south of Lake San Cristobal

The Ruby Range in June.

Elephant's Head

Red Mountain in the San Juan Mountains

The Castles in the West Elk Mountains

A misty morning in the Ruby Range

The Wetterhorn on the left the Matterhorn on the right (not quite Europe, but close)

The Wetterhorn

The Matterhorn and Uncompaghre Peaks

The Sunshine Group near Telluride.

Climbing at Hartman's Rocks outside of Gunnison

3 Responses to Summer in Gunnison and the surrounding mountains

  1. vincent wilson says:

    Fabulous photos! I especially like Red Mountain. If it’s not revealing any secrets, how did you get such a dramatic effect?

    • stevenjay says:

      vincent, no secrets, all I can do is thank the mountains and the lighting conditions for the amazing effect. most of the work i do on my photos is simply brightness/contrast and balance the levels. occasionally i’ll do work with the colors but only if the photo needs it. thanks for stopping by!

  2. What's his name says:

    Thanks for finally making a post! Nice shots!

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