Colorado Bound!

Well not really, as I am in a haunted hotel room in the “hungry, unkept, white trash, kickass! Mountain Town!” of Silverton, Colorado (thanks Southpark), prepping for day two of some ultimate powder slayage at Silverton Mountain Resort. But more about that later. I booked it out of the avalanche prone snowpack of Montucky and headed for Jackson, WY for a day on Teton Pass with two good friends and skiers.

The top of Jackson Hole Ski Area peeks out of a sucker hole

Hiking up the bootpack to Glory Bowl, on Teton Pass.

Zack McHugh telemarking down Teton Pass

Pat Owen dodging rocks on a very shallow Teton Pass

After skiing Teton Pass I busted down to Salt Lake City to do some skiing with my friend Max at Alta.

The only picture I got at Alta

After skiing lots of laps on Alta, I headed back to my hometown of Glenwood Springs, Colorado to ski the Elk Mountains.

The Western Elk Mountains

My little bro, Jon, catching a little air on Williams Peak

The Alley's, very sick skiing if you can find them...

Interesting snowpack up on Marble Mountain. A very thick consolidated wind slab that was extremely difficult get to break, but it was on some nasty deep facets, so when it did pop it had a lot of energy. We decided to be pretty careful.

However, we did have the required beverage for extended column tests.

Reilly Anderson scoping the Elk Range in Colorado

Reilly Anderson demonstrating the proper way to rip powder.

Powder day at Ajax, Nick Devore spins near Walsh's

Panaroma from the top of Ajax, not a shabby place by any means.

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