My first guest blog!

Lou Dawson (legendary ski mountaineer) has published a guest blog about a near death experience I had last season in Colorado. Check out the blog here!

Lou provides a very good analysis of the situation and what decisions we could have made to avoid such a close call.


5 Responses to My first guest blog!

  1. samh says:

    Wonderful to see your feature on Lou’s blog, Steve.

  2. Jon Jay says:

    “Steve, knowing what you know now, would you have stayed the night even without much food or beer?” the beer comment means Lou knows you all too well… and didn’t you split up into two groups because two of you were more concerned about Safety than the rest of the group?

    otherwise mad props for getting up on wildsnow. i would be jealous but i skied Narvik 2 days ago. we’ll call it even on this one.

  3. Lynne Wolfe says:

    Hey Steve-

    Just got pointed to your trip report and photos on Lou Dawson’s site. If you are interested/ have time- would be great to get you to submit your photos and story so I can print it in The Avalanche Review. I like your thoughtful responses to Lou’s analysis as well- be sure to include those afterthoughts as well. Thanks, Lynne Wolfe
    The Avalanche Review

  4. Reilly says:

    Wonderful to see you not dead steve…

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