Moonlight Comp Clip

Here is the clip of my line so you don’t have to sit through the highlights if you don’t want to (although I suggest watching the highlights cause they are pretty good).

Moonlight Spring Runoff Comp

So last Sunday I competed in the Moonlight Basin Spring Runoff Freeskiing comp. Conditions were perfect with good light and 8″ of the good stuff. I did extremely well and placed 1st in the men’s alpine division which is pretty amazing because some really rowdy lines went down. Here are highlights from the comp, my line is towards the beginning. Pretty good skiing went on as you can see.

This line was not without a price: Huge Coreshot and two blown edges, it’s ok though cause I won a pair of B-Squads which if I ski them I’ll probably die 🙂

My last weekend in Jackson :(

Sadly these pics are the last pics I’ll have from the ‘Hole while they are open. They have a ton of snow so spring tours will definitely happen.


Photo: Pat Owen


Photo: Pat Owen


Photo: Steve Gilson


What you can’t tell about this picture is I am about to launch a scary run out cliff (approx 30 feet), too bad a better pic didn’t come out…
Photo: Pat Owen

Tobacco Roots and Mountain Goat Poop

Couloir skiing in the Tabacco Roots

Patrick Lawrence and I skiing a cool couloir in Southwest MT. Saw a flock of mountain goats down low only to get pooped on later while slogging up the couloir. Not sure if this particular couloir has a name but I’m calling it it Mountain Goat Surprise.

Patrick Lawrence

Photo: Patrick Lawrence


Photo: Patrick Lawrence


Photo: Patrick Lawrence

North Face of Blackmore

Skied the North Face of Mt. Blackmore visible from Bozeman. In one word… deep.blackmoreslash.jpg

Photo: Patrick Lawrence


Photo: Patrick Lawrence


Photo: Patrick Lawrence


Photo: Patrick Lawrence